What Are the Primary Different Types of Cancer- and in What Ways Are They Related

Executive Summary

My research was done to basically learn about the different types of cancer. It is also to know about the similarities in which they cause. During the time of the research I did a survey to see how people react or know about cancer. I also did a lot of research on the cancer with American Cancer Society which gave a lot of information. I have learned quite a bit about this topic. Knowing what I know now is something I will make sure myself and family go through with preventive services.

This is something that I do recommend all look into. Knowing how many different types of cancer there is out there you would want to go and get checked out regularly. I never knew that cancer is just not in your blood stream but also your bones. Knowing the recent numbers in 2019 it is a very sad case and more people should be aware of this.

I did pick this topic what to do my research on because of the fact that my mom does have leukemia. And in doing this I did learn a lot more of her certain type of cancer. And to know that we should all be going and getting checked out by our doctors. Also there have been other family members that have had Breast cancer and are breast cancer survivors. As I said before I did conduct my research by doing a survey as well as concentrating on one certain site, which was the cancer society site. That seemed to have been the most informative site that i have ever been on. You can do donations, check symptoms, learn about the history of cancer, and learn about all the cancer from A-Z.


So many different Cancers that we are not aware of. There are more than 100 types and most of them are related in one way or another. Each cancer usually gets its name from basically from the organs and tissues where it is from. So, for example, if you have breast cancer then it starts in the breast, or if you have brain cancer then it starts in the cells of the brain. Cancer can also be described by the type of the cell that formed them. As we know cancer can be caused by genetics, environmental exposure or by random chance.

There are some things that can help you be preventive with not getting cancer, not that it is 100% guaranteed. Choices about your living lifestyle is one of them. Watch what you eat, do not smoke, safe sex, certain vaccines to be taken, protect yourself from the sun, get regular medical check ups, and keep active and stay at a healthy weight. Also be aware of your surroundings and where you may work at. Certain chemicals that you work with or even be at a store nowadays can cause you to get cancer. Be knowledgeable, read up on cancer.

According to some studies men have a 39 percent or one in three risk of getting cancer in their lifetime. Women’s odds are a bit lower at about 37 percent. There is still hope of you not getting cancer as long as you take pro caution and think smart. There may not be a cure for cancer, but with successful treatment can result in cancer going into what is called remission. Remission just simply means that all signs of cancer are gone. Early detection is the best thing to do. Cancer is the leading cause of death right now in the U.S.

Purpose of the Research

I have chosen this topic because it hits close to home. My mother was diagnosed with Leukemia about 7 years ago. I have known so many people that have either gotten cancer recently or who have died from this horrible disease. So, since it has hit someone that I care deeply about, I want to research and learn more about it. I have done research before about cancer just to know about it, but otherwise have not dug to deep into it. I needed to learn more about my mother’s disease and what we are having to look forward to in the future. Make sure she is getting the care she needs. She does not have progressive Leukemia, thank you lord, but it is still cancer.

Scope of the Research

The research on cancer is very important. Due to so many thousands of people dying of this, we need to keep looking for a cure. Lots of research and time to help find out what we can do about curing so many people before it is too late. Even if we still can not find the cure for many years to come, we must research for them to at least live a bit longer than what is expected of them to live. Hate when Doctors say you have less then six months to a year to live. Who wants to hear that mess? No body. Everyone needs to do their part and be healthy and be aware of there surroundings. As well as the government needs to make sure all job uses protective gear when handling certain chemicals that can help cause cancer.

Limitations of the Research

My research will not be about finding a cure for cancer, but mostly on giving helpful information on cancer.  It will not consist on all cancers but to the top primary ones.  I can give as much facts as possible and try to make sure that they are at least some what up to date with the information. It will not to pinpoint which places can give you cancer, or why the government is not doing their job as in helping fund a lot of the research to cure people. Just some knowledge and facts for all to read and learn about. Hope everyone will learn something from reading this research paper and maybe help them get on the right track of being preventative of cancer and what types there is out there.


So, for my secondary part of doing this research I basically just used Google to do all my searching. One of my main sites I used was the American Cancer Society site. Trust me as much as I typed in Cancer, types of cancer, ages of people with cancer, and so on, I got a lot of sites to go through. I figured to just try and stay with one that gave me the most information. Using the American Cancer Society site did give me a lot of information. Especially breaking it down to how cancer is similar and how it is also different. It let me know pretty much the basic and not so basic information on it.

I mean knowing what I know now from reading Cancer A-Z (American Cancer Society, 2019)on there opened my eyes more. Need to really take care of ourselves and get checked out often. Especially if we have family members with cancer. In most cases it can be genetics. The site is great pretty much for finding out anything. For instance, if you want to know how to donate, find out about treatment, how to tell loved ones, basic support system, and knowing how to stay healthy. They also give you up to date statistics of what types of cancer is killing us.

(American Cancer Society, 2019)

For my primary research I did a survey so people can get a bit of information on cancer. My peers answered of course with some good results. Since I did know a few people with cancer I went ahead a reached out to them via text message and ask if they were able to help me in this research. I did have a friend of mine do the survey as well since she was just diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I also went ahead and ask my mother to do the survey as well since she was diagnosed with Leukemia about 7 years ago. Some people just do not know what types of cancer you are out there or how can get it or prevent it. So, this was a good way to find out how people know anything about it.

For the most part I wasn’t surprised at what the answers came back as. One thing that did surprise me a bit was that how people knew what type of treatments are out there for cancer patients. Some obstacles I did encounter where making sure the survey was done in a timely matter since I know a lot of people work their own lives to do certain things. So, making sure they were able to take the time to do the survey was one of the obstacles. Things that I learned from doing this primary research was that it can be a bit more informative. If I was able to ask more questions that would have been good, because I know the outcome would have been extremely well. People don’t realize what types of cancers are out there or what they can do to help prevented and some still think it can be contagious. Which is not contagious we know that it has to do with genetics hereditary type situation.


During the time of my research I have learned quite a bit about cancer and its similarities. Even with my primary and secondary data research nothing seems to contradict itself. As before I did learn that there are more than 100 types of cancers out there. Not too many people seem to get preventative care so at times it is too late for them. Something that I did find out about the trend in cancer from 1930 to 2016 is lung cancer is the highest of men and women. (Statistics, 2019) I used to think cancer was only related to breast, Lung or brain. Having done so much of the research finding out you can get cancer pretty much anywhere in on your body. It is basically the cells in your body that get out of control and turn bad in outgrow your good cells in your body.

Most cancers do grow at a rapid speed than others which grow slowly. Some cancers can grow tumors and others are in your bloodstream. So just a little bit of history on cancer which started back in 16th through 18th centuries. During this time certain people believe that a certain Type of our four bloods the black bile what’s one of the leading causes of cancer. That is when it stopped them from doing autopsies for religious reasons and not being able to help medical knowledge of finding out how cancer is coming about. People back then also thought cancer was contagious so when someone got it especially in a hospital, they try to relocate the hospital to a different city so no one else would be able to get cancer. It is not something that is contagious.

In the many years that have been about more knowledge have been put into knowing, learning, and being aware of cancer. There is also treatment out there that can work either short term or long term. Treatments are as follows:

  • Surgery – removal of the tumors
  • Hormone therapy -taking drugs instead of removing ovaries or testicles
  • Radiation – low voltage diagnostic machine several weeks
  • Chemotherapy – a drug that can work throughout the whole body
  • Immunotherapy- biological therapy
  • Targeted therapy -drug that targets the cancers specific genes

(team, 2014)

For many decades cancer biology have made a lot of progress in knowing of how to prevent, detect early on stages, and how to give treatment. (team, 2014) Knowing what they know now, thanks to our ancestors they can continue on the research and hopefully one day get rid of cancer 100%. There is still so much to learn into why cancer is around how we can prevent it. Also making sure there is a cure if getting cancer is not preventable. That is the sad part about all of this. You would think the government would help more in making sure the things we buy or are around do not get us sick. Thank goodness for the American Cancer Society in all the research they do for us.

(Christina Chun, 2018)

Figure 2: Most curable cancers as of 2018

Lung cancer is one of the most lading cancers of them all. Even with Tobacco prices going up so high, people still want to smoke, vape, or whatever they call it. In 2018, over two million new lung cancer cases and 1.7 million deaths were estimated to occur worldwide, representing 14% of the new cancer cases and 20% of the cancer deaths. (The descriptive epidemiology of lung cancer and tobacco control: a global overview 2018, 2019) If more and more people stop smoking or get diagnosed early there should not be that many. For breast cancer there is preventative ways. Going for check ups early or doing them yourself. Women can go get mammograms when they reach 40. Reports released by the American Cancer Society in early October 2017 highlight the decrease in breast cancer and lung cancer death rates with early diagnosis and treatment. Recommendations from the society emphasize the importance of annual breast cancer screening with mammograms to detect breast cancer. (HADERLIE, 2017)


So, in the time of my research I have surprisingly learned quite a bit. How some cancers can actually be treated, and which ones can not. How you can live with it and not really have to take all the drugs and you have other options. Did not know that lung cancer is the top of the list of the deadliest. I always though it was either Breast or Leukemia. Knowing that everyone should make sure to get tested and take all preventative action is very important. I will be making sure that all family members and friends get their stuff taken care of as well. I also did realize that not all cancers are similar. There is blood and bone type cancers. Even with the Proposition 65 it is sad that we have to have this on all our items and even in the stores you walk through now.

With the survey information I retained there is some people actually on top of knowing about cancer. There still needs to be more type of action so everyone knows. How things can be genetic they need to get checked regularly. One thing for sure is I like how American Cancer Society really does keep up on everything. They do so much research and trying to let us all as a community know what is going on.

Figure 3:


Share of death


There is a problem with that we should all be aware of. That is Cancer. If people are not dying of being shot or murder by someone, people are dying by Cancer. This is something we all need to become more aware. Know the different types that are out there. It is not just Bran’s breast cancer that is only in women it is also in men. Not does lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and brain cancer. There are over 100 types of cancer that everyone should be more aware of. Be more preventative in knowing your health. Also being unhealthy overweight can also cause cancer. You want to make sure that you see your doctor regularly and get checked and know your symptoms. especially if you have family members that have been diagnosed with cancer there is a likely percentage that gene could be carried over to you as well as your offspring.

I do highly recommend doing research on these types of topics. There is plenty of ways to get help, counseling, and research. even though there is plenty of other things going on in the world if you look at the statistics and see what leading cause of death cancer is one of them. We just need to be more aware and be healthy. I do believe the action that can be implemented in learning all this research it’s basically just being aware. I do know a lot of people do not like to go and see their doctors, but at least researcher symptoms so that you know if it’s something more serious that needs to be looked into. If it is Diagnose early you do have a better chance of beating cancer.

There really is so much to know about cancer OK once you realize it and go on certain sites you can find them from A-Z. You wouldn’t even think you would get cancer in a certain part of your body, but you can. I think everyone just needs to be aware in take care of their selves.



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Appendix A

What are the Primary different types of cancer, and in what ways are they related?

  1. What types of treatment is out there for cancer patients?
  2. You can get breast cancer from smoking?
  3. Cancers a group of diseases with abnormal?
  4. Can cancer be Deadly?
  5. Where can cancer patients continue to get help from?
  6. What exactly causes cancer?
  7. Remission is the same as recurrence
  8. risk factors of getting cancer are?
  9. More than 75% of all cancer cases are diagnosed in people age 55 or younger
  10. cancer is the second most causing death after heart disease

Appendix B

  1. 4 of the 5 respondents got this right
  2. 3 out of the respondents got this right
  3. 3 out of the 5 respondents got this right
  4. 4 out of the 5 respondents got this right
  5. only 3 out of the 5 respondents got this right
  6. all 5 respondents got this right
  7. 3 out of the 5 respondents got this right
  8. all 5 respondents got this right
  9. 3 out of the 5 respondents got this right